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About Us

Welcome to VEGAN TIERRA 

Our Story

We’ve loved every minute of our journey

An Idea Is Born

After working as a Chef for sixteen years in various culinary settings around the world. The creator of VEGAN TIERRA suddenly discovered a new passion in vegan cuisine. He studied the ins an outs and created a plan in which he could help people achieve their healthiest self. His mission is to deliver the healthiest most nutritious, organic plant base meals. Vegan Tierra makes it easy to have a healthy, organic meal without the hassle of having to find it as its brought directly to you. We do not attempt to imitate MEAT and never will. We believe that a clean non-processed food comes from Earth.

Our Services

Here at VEGAN TIERRA we offer dine food service . Along with Local delivery. Other deliveries are offer with Grubhub and Uber Eats.  Catering is available as well. Private parties, and most important for your family. Yes we have affordable family meal plans where you actually get what you are paying for without ridiculous prices. 

We will also be opening an online vegetable store! 

Featuring  100% Organic, 100% Fresh items (COMING SOON)

Our Store

VEGAN TIERRA's Restaurant is located at 8755 Stirling rd, Cooper City, FL 33328. Sterling town next to Aroma and Colestone.. 

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